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Improving the quality of life for people with dwarfism while celebrating with great pride little people’s contribution to social diversity

Promote independence
of little people

Treat little according to their age not height. Improvise to ensure that little people can reach stuff beyond their height. Self-esteem and a sense of independence are key factors to coping with dwarfism.


Ensure reasonable accommodation for little people

Ensure reasonable accommodation
for little people

Disability is largely a social construct. Imagine if the world was designed for little people, wouldn’t average height people become disabled? Therefore, through social adjustment and reasonable accommodation, we can all happily live in society

" Discrimination against any person on the basis of disability is a violation of the inherent dignity and worth of the human person " - CRPD.


2nd Issue of LPU Newsletter out!!!!!……..please check out the latest issue with interesting stories, information and appeal for help. Download the Issue here.

LPU Newsletter ” the voice of the little people”

LPU has published the maiden Issue of its newsletter. Download this very inspiring Issue here.

Some of the comments from the newsletter readers:

Wow!  What a fantastic newsletter!  Congratulations!  Very professional”!, Fred Short, UK

“Thank you for this wonderful newsletter.  It is truly excellent production, very impressive.  I will circulate it to some UK restricted growth friends”, DrThomas Shakespeare, WHO, Geneva.

“Thanks for sharing the very inspiring maiden issue of the newsletter-already shared it with all the colleagues at work. Please keep up the good work”, Andrew Akutu, OHCHR, Kampala.

“What a nice initiative! Looks very colourful with moving stories. I like the fact that you are letting the members write for themselves. It is also nice to have stories about little people elsewhere in the world. Inspiring”, Elizabeth Namazzi, Newvision Reporter, Kampala.

“This is a beautiful newsletter! I loved reading it”, Heather Janbay, AJWS, USA.

“Thanx very much for the newsletter. I have found it very interesting and informative”, Hamad Lubwama, UNAPD, Kampala.

“Thanks for sharing this inspiring newsletter” – Sebuliba Michael, NUDIPU, Kampala.

LPU Reports and Publications

NEW! LPU carried out research on human rights abuses against little with reference to some articles in the Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). Read the report here and its heart-rending findings.

The first publication for LPU that explains dwarfism especially in Uganda’s context. Click here to download the document.

Medical Resources

Dwarfism is a rare medical condition and there are over 200 conditions which cause dwarfism each with its own distinct features.  Because of its rarity and diversity, dwarfism is highly misunderstood which greatly contributes to stigma and discrimination of people affected with it. Click here to learn more about this subject.

Achondroplasia is the most common condition associated with disproportionate dwarfism. Substantial information is available concerning the natural history and anticipatory health supervision needs in children with this dwarfing disorder. Most children with achondroplasia have delayed motor milestones, problems with persistent or recurrent middle-ear dysfunction, and bowing of the lower legs. Less often, infants and children may have serious health consequences related to hydrocephalus, craniocervical junction compression, upper- airway obstruction, or thoracolumbar kyphosis. Download here a report designed to help the pediatrician care for children with achondroplasia and their families.


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Respect human rights

Being small is the only difference; little people are not clowns in circus. They are people with rights, responsibilities and sensitivities like everyone else.


End stigma and

Nobody is to blame for who the little people are. Dwarfism is not associated with personality disorders; it is a mere physiological difference.


Ensure Physical and Social inclusion

Disability is a result of exclusion and shortage of accessibility. Our demand for equal rights with other citizens is a matter of achieving basic human rights. Physical exclusion and social isolation is equivalent to discrimination.

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