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Improving the quality of life for people with dwarfism while celebrating with great pride little people’s contribution to social diversity

Promote independence
of little people

Treat little according to their age not height. Improvise to ensure that little people can reach stuff beyond their height. Self-esteem and a sense of independence are key factors to coping with dwarfism.


Ensure reasonable accommodation for little people

Ensure reasonable accommodation
for little people

Disability is largely a social construct. Imagine if the world was designed for little people, wouldn’t average height people become disabled? Therefore, through social adjustment and reasonable accommodation, we can all happily live in society

" Discrimination against any person on the basis of disability is a violation of the inherent dignity and worth of the human person " - CRPD.


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  • ANNOUNCEMENT: LPU has secured funding from DRF courtesy of OSI  and ADD to organise a members’ convening that had earlier been postponed. New dates for the event will be communicated soon. Watch this space……………..
  • Little people published in OSIEA Magazine, Sept 2011

An article about little people has been published in OSIEA Amplifying Voices magazine. Follow this link to read it and all the good articles in the magazine -

  • Death announcement - With deep sorrow LPU announces the death of Sarah Nabisere (the first one on photo gallery page) at the end of August 2011. Sarah was Robert Kabenge’s Mum. Our thoughts are with Robert and Sarah’s entire family.
  •  LPU Newsletter  ” the voice of the little people”Issue 1, August 2011

LPU has published the maiden Issue of its newsletter. Download this very inspiring Issue here.

Some of the comments from the newsletter readers:

-”Wow!  What a fantastic newsletter!  Congratulations!  Very professional”!, Fred Short, UK

-”Thank you for this wonderful newsletter.  It is truly excellent production, very impressive.  I will circulate it to some UK restricted growth friends”, DrThomas Shakespeare, WHO, Geneva.

-“Thanks for sharing the very inspiring maiden issue of the newsletter-already shared it with all the colleagues at work. Please keep up the good work”, Andrew Akutu, OHCHR, Kampala

-”What a nice initiative! Looks very colourful with moving stories. I like the fact that you are letting the members write for themselves. It is also nice to have stories about little people elsewhere in the world. Inspiring”, Elizabeth Namazzi, Newvision Reporter, Kampala.

-”This is a beautiful newsletter! I loved reading it”, Heather Janbay, AJWS, USA.

-”Thanx very much for the newsletter. I have found it very interesting and informative”, Hamad Lubwama, UNAPD, Kampala

-“Thanks for sharing this inspiring newsletter” – Sebuliba Michael, NUDIPU, Kampala

  •  Upcoming event: a big members’ meeting is scheduled to take place on 16 – 17 December 2011. Please members, reserve that date and if you can, you are requested to make a contribution towards this event. This contribution can be monetary or volunteering time to coordinate the different activities of the event. Please get in touch with your regional representatives to find out how you can participate.
  • Traditional engagement…………….. Paul Baridde was introduced to the parents of his average height fiancee Benita in June 2011. See the photo in the gallery. Congs Paul!
  • Death announcement………..we regret to announce the passing on of our two members -  Nyeenya who survived with a wife and 5 children and Brian, a son to Edith Katushabe our Board member.
  • A baby is born………………….. Aisha Namugwanya gave birth to a cute baby girl in May 2011. Both mother and baby are fine. See photos on the photo gallery. Congratulations Aisha!
  • LPU prominently featured in Global Press Institute News, an international media company on February 28, 2011: Check out this inspiring story at the website below


  • LPU Today – we publish an online quarterly newsletter, which highlights our activities, research reports, letters from our members etc. If you have a nice story and a fantastic photograph that you would like to share with us, please be sure to get in touch with our Director
  • The next issue of the newsletter will be published in January 2011. Deadlines for submission of articles for subsequent editions are as follows:  – for April newsletter, 31st March, for August edition, 31st July and for December edition, 30th November.
  •  AGM is near!!!

LPU will hold its second Annual Genaral Meeting (AGM) on 28th January 2011 at Shine Hotel, Kansanga. All members are reminded to pay up their outstanding membership dues so that they can fully participate especially during the election of Board members.

  • NEWS!!!!

LPU was recognized as one of the key DRF grantee achievements during the Press Release on the launch of the first report on Achievements for AusAid’s disability strategy. Please read on……

Having a voice—the Disability Rights Fund

Australia contributes to and is a steering committee member of the Disability Rights Fund. This global pooled fund enables disabled people’s organisations (DPOs) to raise awareness and support efforts towards achieving the objectives of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

See the highlights at


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Respect human rights

Being small is the only difference; little people are not clowns in circus. They are people with rights, responsibilities and sensitivities like everyone else.


End stigma and

Nobody is to blame for who the little people are. Dwarfism is not associated with personality disorders; it is a mere physiological difference.


Ensure Physical and Social inclusion

Disability is a result of exclusion and shortage of accessibility. Our demand for equal rights with other citizens is a matter of achieving basic human rights. Physical exclusion and social isolation is equivalent to discrimination.

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