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Improving the quality of life for people with dwarfism while celebrating with great pride little people’s contribution to social diversity

Promote independence
of little people

Treat little according to their age not height. Improvise to ensure that little people can reach stuff beyond their height. Self-esteem and a sense of independence are key factors to coping with dwarfism.


Ensure reasonable accommodation for little people

Ensure reasonable accommodation
for little people

Disability is largely a social construct. Imagine if the world was designed for little people, wouldn’t average height people become disabled? Therefore, through social adjustment and reasonable accommodation, we can all happily live in society

" Discrimination against any person on the basis of disability is a violation of the inherent dignity and worth of the human person " - CRPD.

Adaptive and Independent Living

Independence is key to coping with dwarfism. Care givers of little people should try as much as possible to improvise to make little people less dependent on them. There are already tested and proven devices that can be adapted by little people e.g.

 1.      Step Stools - these help little people to reach/access things beyond their height. they are useful in homes, schools, libraries, hotels and other places that are difficult for the little people to reach.

2.      Suitable chair

Little people face challenges of having to endure sitting on chairs that were not designed for people like them and as such are a health hazard. In the end, they experience back pains, tingling legs and numbness, which makes them less productive. However, a chair was designed to specifically cater for the needs of the different categories of little people. This adjustable chair called the ErgoChair was designed by a company called Adaptive Living. This ErgoChair can be adjusted to individual distinctive shape and this is what the little people need. It has the following features:

  • Adjustable arm rests
  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable back rest
  • Adjustable foot rest

3.      The FreedomWand

This is a multi-task, multi-length tool; it holds an ointment pad, loofah or lightweight wash cloth, disposable shaver and the all important toilet tissue. The FreedomWand can be used from 7-30” and comes with a cloth carry bag. It’s specifically designed for personal cleaning and hygiene for anyone with limited mobility. The easy to use slide button releases tissue into the toilet with little effort. For more information, visit

4.      Driving aids

Little people need some adjustments to be able to drive cars. They need aids like steering controls, pedal extensions among other things.


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Respect human rights

Being small is the only difference; little people are not clowns in circus. They are people with rights, responsibilities and sensitivities like everyone else.


End stigma and

Nobody is to blame for who the little people are. Dwarfism is not associated with personality disorders; it is a mere physiological difference.


Ensure Physical and Social inclusion

Disability is a result of exclusion and shortage of accessibility. Our demand for equal rights with other citizens is a matter of achieving basic human rights. Physical exclusion and social isolation is equivalent to discrimination.

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